2002 NY40


Asteroid 2002 NY40 is an NEA (Near Earth Asteroid). On the night of August 17 it came by just outside the Moons orbit (327,000 miles). It was discovered on July 14, 2002, which was just a few weeks ago. It is 800 meters across. It was moving very fast (8 arc-minutes per minute at close approach) and was quite difficult to get into the field of view. It was just west of Vega during these exposures.


The movie to the right is a sequence of 10 images, 5 seconds each, taken every 15 seconds.

The full frame image below is a single exposure (the third in the sequence above)


The above images are taken at f/6.3 on the 12" LX200 and ST-8E.  All 10 images are 15 seconds 3x3 binned (to decrease download time).  All exposures were unguided.

Taken at the Mistletoe Observatory starting at 9:56pm on the night of August 17, 2002.