3C 273 - Quasar


As I understand it, this was the first quasar discovered. It was originally noticed that it had a strange spectrum - the hydrogen lines were shifted by 16% which implied it was 1 to 2 billion light years away. It looks quasi-stellar, but must be far away, and it was a powerful radio source, thus Quasi Stellar Radio Object or "quasar". It generates 100-1000 more energy than entire milky way. It is most likely powered by a super large black hole in the core of a galaxy. (Claims exist that 3C 273 can be done visually.)

Unfortunately, I lost track of the processing steps on this image. I think it is a single 2 minute exposure, but it could be 2 one minute exposures and a 2 minute exposure added together. For sure it is the 416XT and the 12" LX200. I think it is binned 2x2 and f/10 set-up that night.

Taken Apr 16 1999 in my back yard in Monmouth Oregon.