Comet Linear


Comet Linear (officially C/1999 S4 Linear) was discovered Sept. 1999 by the automated LINEAR (Lincoln Laboratory Near Earth Asteroid Research) minor-planet survey.  It is believed that this is the first visit to the inner Solar system by this comet.

The images below are a sequence of images taken every 2 minutes for almost an hour. Linear was just at the Perseus / Andromeda border.  At the first image, Linear is in the SE at 30 elevation.  On this date, the distance from the Earth is 0.94 astronomical units, and the distance from Sun is 0.89 astronomical units.  The Comet magnitude is 6.4

All 27 images centered and averaged at the comet head.    This image was DDP'd.

I put every other image together as a movie, but it's big (330K), so its on a separate page.

All 27 images centered on the star field and averaged, so that we can see the "motion" in one image.

The above images are taken at f/6.3 on the 12" LX200 and ST-8E.  All 27 images are 1 minute 2x2 binned.  All exposures were unguided.

Taken at the ARGO site starting at 2:45am on the night of July 1-2, 2000.