M1 - The Crab Nebula


This 8.4 magnitude nebula is a supernova remnant from 1054 AD. The Chinese astronomers logged it as visible in the daytime for 23 days. It is also known as NGC 1952, and it is found in Taurus. It is 6300 ly distant.

A composite of three 10 minute luminance frames and a single set of binned 10 minutes each RGB frames.  The RGB frames have been scaled to 1:1:2.5.  The blue is higher due to sensitivity and extinction.  Taken with the ST-8E and 12" LX200 at f/10.  Taken at the ARGO site on Apr 1, 2000.  Processed with CCDSharp, then shrunk and cropped for viewing.

A composite of three one minute exposures taken with the 12" LX200 and 416XT CCD at f3.3 in our back yard in Monmouth, OR. (I should have used f/10 for a better scale.)

Taken Feb 19, 1999.