M15 - A Globular Cluster


This globular cluster, is also known as NGC 7078. It is found in the constellation Pegasus. It has a magnitude of 6.4 and a size of 12.3 arc-minutes.

Ten 1 minute exposures taken with the 12" LX200, ST-8E, and AO7 at f/6.3. Processed with a bit of DDP and unsharp mask. Taken on Sept. 6 2002 from the Mistletoe Observatory.

About 1:00 am the first night of the 1997 OSP someone walked up and we had a chat. So I said "what's your favorite object?" "M15" he says, so without touching anything but the computer, I told TheSky to slew to M15 and then fired a 30 second shot with PictorView (CCD control) and crossed my fingers. Bingo. We were both pretty impressed. (The law of demos should have caused this not to work, as about a million things could have gone wrong).

A 30 second exposure taken with the 416 at f/3.3. (cropped and contrast enhanced).