M16, M17 - The Eagle and the Swan


The Eagle (NGC 6611) and the Swan (NGC 6618) are star forming regions best viewed in the summer sky in the South, right in the Milky Way. The Swan is pretty visible in the right hand nebula. The Eagle in the left hand nebula is small. You may have to zoom in to see it (ctrl +). There is also much extended nebulosity throughout this image.

RGB data for the image above was taken remotely from Dark Sky New Mexico, with a 200mm Canon lens and a QSI camera. Two nights were used to collect 19 blue, 21 green and 21 red 5 minute subframes. Thats 61 subframes and just over 5 hours exposure. 5/31/2022 and 6/02/2022.

All processing was in Pixinsight.