M16 - The Eagle Nebula


The Eagle (NGC 6611) is a star forming region with a cluster of new stars and the dust that they are forming out of both visible. It is found in the constellation Serpens Cauda (Tail of the Serpent), has a magnitude of 6.0, and a size 35.0 arc-minutes.

ST-8E with AO7 and 6.3 focal reducer on the 12" LX200.  LRGB (ten 2 minute luminance, six 4 minute red, four 4 minute green, two 8 minute blue), color balanced to 1.15 : 1.00 : 2.05 plus extinction. All images binned 2x2.  I would have liked more blue data but the guide star was lost and it was late...  This was a fun image to do since it was mid week and the dome allowed me to quickly get the work dome.  Luminance was done one evening, and RGB on the next. Taken at home in the Mistletoe Observatory on 7/23/01 and 7/24/01.

Previous best from June 2, 2000 at the ARGO site:

The image above is a combination of five 5 minute exposures.  It has been flat fielded and CCDSharp'd.  Taken with the 12" LX200 at f/6.3 and the ST-8E.  It was unbinned, then shrunk by 2X for display.

Previous best from the 1997 OSP:

A 1 minute exposure taken with the 12" LX200 and the 416XT at f/3.3.