M24 is "The Small Sagittarius Star Cloud".  Its found in the constellation Sagittarius (the Archer), has a magnitude of 4.6, and a size of 90 arc-minutes.  It is 10,000 light years away.  It contains the open cluster NGC 6603, (lower left of center) and two Dark Nebula; B92 (on the right) and B93 (left of B92).

The image above was taken with the ST-8E camera at f/5 on the new FSQ 106N and AP900 from Mistletoe Observatory in Monmouth Oregon Aug 11, 2007.  It is an RGB composite (as detailed below) with a total exposure time of 64 min.  Calibration and alignment were done in MaxIm DL.  Final processing was done with Photoshop.


Exposure Count Binning
Luminance (none)    
Red 16 min 5 x 2 min 1x1
Green 16 min 8 x 2 min 1x1
Blue 32 min 8 x 4 min 1x1