A Moon Shot


Sometime around 1984 or 1985 Eric Vogel and I went up to Mary's Peak and shot the moon with a 35mm camera at f/10 through the 2000mm "lens" of my Celestron 8 using slide film. (I think this is right, it was a long time ago and this record is being created ~12 yrs later).

On 11/22/97 I scanned the slide with a PhotoSmart scanner and produced the raw data for these pictures. The raw data was brought in to Photoshop and converted to grey scale, and contrast balanced, then resampled smaller, and sharpened slightly. Even the sub frame on the right is down sampled by a factor of 2.
The November 97 full moon come up looking very red, so I tried the Kodak 120 on it and got this. (Well, the color's good).