A Crescent Moon


Below is an early crescent moon.  The largest object visible is Mare Crisium.  North is at 1 o'clock and Mare Crisium is at 3 o'clock.  This image is the best in a sequence of 0.5 second images taken in hydrogen alpha light to reduce brightness.  Scroll down further for the earth shine image.

The earth shine image below was taken on the same evening as the above image.  The main area is light with the reflected light from the earth.  The washed out area is lit directly from the sun.  It is an average of several 2 second images in hydrogen alpha light. 

These shots were taken at Mistletoe Observatory in Monmouth Oregon March 21, 2007.  These are the first non-engineering images with the FSQ 106 and Astro-Physics 900.  They are unbinned ST8E shots.