A Lunar Eclipse


On the night of August 27 / 28, 2007 a total lunar eclipse occurred right across the whole sky all night long.   A perfect opportunity to capture the 5 1/2 hour event and compress it into a movie.  Many lunar eclipses are not visible from start to end, and / or are at times of the year where the weather is uncooperative.

This "shot" was taken at Mistletoe Observatory in Monmouth Oregon using the FSQ 106 and Astro-Physics 900.  Even with a hydrogen alpha filter, the scope had to be stopped down with a piece of cardboard.  The movie is a sequence of 0.1 second images.  It is unbinned ST8E data.

The real fun of this shot was that the event was managed by a script that I created ahead of time that moved the scope all night (the moon moves a long ways against the sky during this amount of time) and automatically collected the data while I slept.  Then the processing was also scripted.  With 227 images, there was just too much data to handle manually.