NGC 7133


NGC 7133 is a reflection nebula found in the constellation Cepheus (King of Ethiopia). It is a compact star forming region. An unusual feature is the yellow area known as LBN497.

The image above was taken with the STT-8300 camera at f/8.8 on a 10" RC and AP900 mount from Mistletoe Observatory in Monmouth Oregon September 7, 2013.  It is an RGB composite (as detailed below) with a total exposure time of 115 min.  All processing was done with PixInsight.


Exposure Count Binning
Luminance (none)    
Red 50 min 10 x 5 min 2x2
Green 40 min 8 x 5 min 2x2
Blue 25 min 5 x 5 min 2x2