In the picture below, Pluto at magnitude 13.7 is the spot in motion. The bright star on the upper right is SAO 141148 shinning at magnitude 8.6 and in the lower left is a dim fuzzy galaxy. This is in the constellation Ophiuchus.

This animation is the composite of two 1 minute exposures taken on two consecutive nights (6/26/98 and 6/27/98) at the ARGO site in central Oregon. The 416XT was used at f/3.3. Unfortunately the images were binned by mistake, so Photoshop was used to resample up by 2X.

The image below is a full frame from the second night. It is unbinned, 3 seconds and also at f/3.3. As can be seen, finding Pluto without "blinking" two shots is tricky at best.