A Half Moon


This is my first attempt to capture the moon with a CCD. This shot is stitched together from 21 separate partially overlapping shots. (The Moon is big to a CCD). Each shot was 50 milliseconds which is near the lower limit of my exposure time for the 416XT camera. Also 12" scope was way too much glass. The individual exposures were automatically taken with the scope being driven from shot to shot all hands off. I just stood back for about a half an hour and let things cook. Actually I asked for a 4x7 mozaic, but one whole column of pictures was out in space to the west. The picture displayed to the left here is actually down sampled from the original data by 4X (the original is huge. Also, I have printed out a 3 ft b 4 ft version on a large plotter that's very nice.

Below is a close up of Mare Nectaris. The nice crater on the left is Theophilus.  This shot is at the same resolution and shutter speed as the individual images that make up the half moon above.

These shots were taken at a cross roads north of Coffin Butte near were I live on Apr 22, 1999.