Great American Eclipse 2017


This image above shows prominances just before the sun reappears.

This image below is a focusing image used during partial eclipse to focus the scope. The sun spots really made focusing easy.

The image below is the corona about half way through totality.

The image below is the moon embedded in the corona. This is the dark side of the moon backlit by earth light.

We had a hard count of 102 folks. A great party.

Just for fun, a colander as a blizard of pinhole cameras.

Inside the dome. The totality images were taken with an automated system that ran the observatory without anyone in it. We all wanted to be in the group after all!

lastly, we have a movie taken from a drone. It was several hundred feet up and could see our observing field and the western horizon. The movie has been sped up 16X so the whole thing is time compressed. Here is a link to the YouTube version: Shadow movie